During my years at Tel-Aviv University I produced three meetings of large brass ensembles comprised of fellow students on semester break. Feeling that brass players had few opportunities to grow in Israel outside academia and large orchestras, I gathered friends – players, conductors, arrangers, and composers – for some communal music making.

At the end of the 2013 and 2014 editions, educational non-profit concerts were held at Tel-Aviv University and Ness Ziona Conservatory. In 2015 the capstone project was the recording of three works presented below.

Avanim VaKhol – Yuval Adler

This work was later reworked into Hit’abkhut.

Fanfare for the Common Man – Aaron Copland

This recording was made for educational purposes only, I do not own the rights for the composition held by Boosey and Hawkes.

Quatro Pezzi Sacri – Ave Maria – Giuseppe Verdi

Arranged by Avishay Shalom for brass ensemble.

2015 Participants:

  • Conductor – Avishay Shalom
  • Soprano – Tamar Ben-Ozer1
  • Trumpets – Ran Encaoua1,3, Jonathan Lasman2,3, Alon Melnick1,3, Amir Rabinovitz1,2, Yohay Vered1,3, Eyal Weinberger2,3
  • Horns – Ben Davis, Ofer Etzioni2,3, Gal Guttman, Hagai Shalom
  • Trombones – Netanel Bikov, Nir Fishkin (bass), Gil Saada
  • Tubas – Itai Agmon, Guy Cohen Hanoch1
  • Percussion – Assaf Adar2
  • Mixing and Editing – Nitzan Zifroni
  • Recording – Omer Zussman, Pluto Studios
  • Production – Yuval Adler

1 – in Avanim VaKhol;
2 – in Fanfare for the Common Man
3 – in Ave Maria
unmarked – in all recordings

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