In the recording below is an orchestration of mine, performed by the Buchmann-Mehta School of Music Symphony Orchestra, with me conducting. Although this is an outlier in the aesthetics of my musical output, it’s an opportunity to showcase areas of my background not covered by other works. This is a rather conventional orchestration based on Brahms’s piano piece Intermezzo, Op. 116 No. 6, completed as part of a class on orchestration with Josef Bardanashvilli during my undergraduate studies.

The score for this orchestration is available here:

Intermezzo No. 6 orchestration score

There are certainly some issues, both with the recording, and more importantly, the orchestration itself. If I get the chance to revisit this piece through some of my research at McGill into orchestration and music perception, I will update this page.

Edit: On a previous version of this page I mistakenly referred to the the recording as that of a different work from this orchestration project, Gymnopodie No. 1, by Satie. Unfortunately I do not have that recording.

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