In the following three small pieces I explore music whose form primarily exists in space rather than in time.

The Pyramid

[link to PDF of The Pyramid]

In The Pyramid I split the space into four quadrants using stairs that double as barriers between the spatialized sound sources. The stairs lead up to a point of convergence where all sound sources can be heard. Each sound source group constructs a set of harmonics that give rise to a missing fundamental tone of lower frequency. The harmonics of all groups are separated between the quadrants such that they do not create this sensation within each quadrant. Only after walking up to the point of convergence can all sound sources be heard and the phenomena experienced, creating new sounds that were not present when walking around the structure.

The Egg

[link to PDF of The Egg]

For The Egg I wanted to explore a mass whose components can be pieced apart through “zooming into” the object. From afar, the entire object is heard as a source of broadband noise. When approaching and entering the structure, the individual point sources clarify as banded noise sources, changing the perception of the whole initially met.

The Tetrahedron

[link to PDF of The Tetrahedron]

In this work I explored the minimal form of a 3D spatial composition, utilizing a fundamental shape with simple sounds. The four equidistant sine tones generated create a unique beating pattern for each pair of tones through their differences in frequency. This concept was further explored and developed in the realization of Sirens.

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