a still from the film The Prophets

During the summer of 2018 I had the pleasure of being composer-in-residence for the Jerusalem Film Workshop by invitation from that year’s workshop director, Elad Laor. Aside from giving a lecture on film scoring focused on my experiences at the two Composers-Directors Workshops, I also advised on and composed some music for several of the student films made in that workshop. The music for these films was made in close collaboration with producer Nitzan Zifroni.

The students produced five short documentary films focused on people whose lives were tied to HaNevi’im street in Jerusalem. These were then edited and combined into a longer feature called The Prophets – the translation of the street name HaNevi’im – which was screened at the Jerusalem Film Festival and subsequently toured around several other film festivals internationally.

The music Nitzan and I made was used in the general parts of the larger feature edit of The Prophets, edited by Tamar Gan-Zvi. Our music was also used in three of the individual films within it – Yehudis, by Justyne Gawelko, Jonathan Lan, Zakaria Siraj, and Sunny Davis; Miriam, by Taylor Hartley, Xuedan Tang, Lena Jabłonska, and Ludovico Emanuele Tesoro-Tess; and Homemade, by Constanza Muñoz Poupin, Eric M. Berman, Matan Alter, and Anna Wowra.

Should a version of these films or the combined feature be made publicly available online, I will update here with a link.

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