As the final project in Music, Computing, and Design, taught by Professor Ge Wang at Stanford, I designed an ear training game. We were asked to make an interactive audio-visual piece of software, and my intention in this project was to make a tool for practicing musical pitch identification, done in a more engaging way through gamification.

The design was implemented in the Unity engine, and coded using C# and Chunity (ChucK for Unity).

For more information on the design visit the project web page, or watch a quick documentation here:

Edit: This design was used as a prototype for a similar game I later developed with Nestor Napoles Lopez. (More on that game in a future post.) In preparation for the new project, I presented the prototype at the Learning Music Through Play international seminar at Laval University’s Faculty of Music in April of 2019. You can see the abstract and conference program, if you’re interested. Travel funding for the conference was awarded by CIRMMT.

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