The following text score is part of an upcoming set of musical poems. (Click here to see the score.) I wanted to use this space to offer visitors an opportunity to perform this musical poem in their browser.

The text is pasted below, followed by two YouTube videos. Read the text, then start both videos below playing in parallel, then enter into full screen view of the live intersection video.

Be advised that I have no affiliation with the YouTube videos I used here. Live videos always carry the risk of presenting unexpected or potentially upsetting images; always engage with online content with care. I chose these two videos as a simple 40 bpm metronome recording, and a live camera feed of Shibuya Crossing in Japan, which is famously busy across many hours of the day. If these videos do not work for you, you are free to search for similar videos or live feeds and create your own browser based performance of this musical poem.

Sit overlooking a busy intersection.
Set a mechanical metronome to 40 bpm.

Observe the things that are changing the slowest.

Duration: approximately 15 minutes, or until the metronome stops.

Edit: On 2023 April 11 The Center for Deep Listening at Renselaer shared this score for day 317 of their project A year of Deep Listening.

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